From: Dean Marzocca (
Date: Sat Jun 15 1996 - 00:10:29 EDT

Hi gang,
        I am new on the listserv but must say the reading is very
interresting. I have been into qrp for a while but not seriously because
of antenna problems. I understand the dipole and G5RV setups but I
cannot get a vertical to work. I have a Hustler 40 meter vertical. How
can I attach the ground radials to get a swr to work with?
        I have read the "hamsticks" but don't know much about them. Any
comments will be appreciated. The qrp will be much more enjoyable if I
can get out of the shack and portable in the field. That is something I
still haven't done.
        BTW just worked WIS on 3 watts. # 1 qrp contact.

Tnx es 72, Dean

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