St Louis Tuner dummy load question


Date: Tue May 28 1996 - 13:51:16 EDT

Hi gang,

I just finished the St Louis tuner, and it works very nicely. I did notice
that the swr meter deflects about 3/4 scale with built-in the dummy load in
line. Is that normal? Did I miss a mod somewhere? It works perfectly to
show a null when the tuner is used and it also works in straight-thru when
the antenna it is connected to is at 1:1. In either of those cases the swr
reverse meter (top) doesn't move or moves just a hair off the left post, as
one would expect at 1:1 with an swr meter. But it seem to think the internal
dummy is very high. Is this just a natural consequence of having the dummy
load in close proximity to the sensors for the swr meters? Does that mean I
should just adjust the reverse meter for max and ignore it when using the
internal dummy load? Incidentally, the lower meter seems to be working fine
and is reasonably consistent, whether it is measuring dummy load or external
antenna. So, any similar experience out there?
Thanks for the info es 72,

Preston WJ2V

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