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From: evans ken (
Date: Mon May 20 1996 - 17:50:25 EDT

I've read the comments on the QRP Hotel, and thought I'd through in my
comments. We did have trouble the first night with a very warm room. We
complained to the front desk and they told us to turn the thermostat up to
approximatel 68 to 70 degrees (we had it turned all the way down to 55 trying
to cool the room). We did it and the room stayed at 68 degrees the rest of
the time. I do agree that the hotel has a good bit of wear on it and the
restaurant leaves a great deal to be desired, however, all was adequate for
our group. The rooms ended up being comfortable after we complained about the
temperature, we ate at close by (across the street) restaurants and were only
25 minutes from the Hamfest.

Since the sleeping accomadations ended up being comfortable, we can live with
the aged environment and accept it as a trade off for the conference rooms and
the ability to put up antennas. Also, many facilities would not have
permitted the pizza that was brought in or the drinks.

I understand that we used about 80 rooms this year, with the draw that is
Dayton, it will probably be difficult to find another facility that would
accomodate a group that size.

We're looking forard to next year.

Ken Evans KJ4XR
North Georgia QRP Group

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