30m greyline propagation


From: Mike Cloud (cloudm@mhsgate.meth-mem.org)
Date: Wed May 15 1996 - 10:24:15 EDT

Is it my imagination or what but it seems to me that greyline propagation for 30m is much stronger
 than other bands, particularly north and south from my QTH of Memphis, TN? While I have not
participated in the TMPS (inability to commit to anything but my mortgate payment and raising the
kids, hi hi), I am interested in the results. I have noticed a fairly normal accentuation of
signals east and west but north/south propagation appears to be absolutely incredible. A couple
of days ago, I worked a station down in the panhandle of Florida where he was 150W and I was 5W.
He had a difficult time believing that I was QRP and I thought he was next door. Even wid the
attenuator in line, he was pegging my qrp+. He reported my signal as 20 over S9. The propagation
continued for abt 30min then dropped to nothing, zilch, nada in abt 30 seconds. I worked a
station north of Detroit last evening with just abt the same results. Thoughts, ideas,
experiences? de Mike, KR4IT

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