From: Brad Mitchell (
Date: Wed May 15 1996 - 07:48:26 EDT

                Well, I'm all set for my first trip to Dayton. I'm anxious to meet
        everybody, and relax a bit.

                I've been busy packing AK-1 kits for the past few days, and all
        I have to say is you guys should sit down and say a few words of thanks
                to Doug Hendricks and company for all the efforts of the past
        present and future!

         It's a lot of work getting things
        together but am having a lot of fun at the same time.

                I saw the list that someone posted earlier regarding what to
        take to the hamfest, but I guess what things should I buy while I'm there
        for qrp projects in the next year? In other words what can I get
        at Dayton that I may not be able to get other places that I can use
        for these QRP projects in the next year?

                73 es happy qrp.. 30 meters was open late last night!

                        Brad WB8YGG


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