DK0WCY 30 m. beacon


From: Juan M. Perales (
Date: Wed May 15 1996 - 03:41:35 EDT

At 18:57 12/05/96 -0400, Lee, W5TEH wrote:
>On 10.144 DK0WCY regularly has a beacon operating.
>Anyone have more info on this station or know of other beacons
>on this band?

Hi Gang.

This is the first time I post to this group.
I have a few lines about DK0WCY:
This is an Aurora beacon, with the following information:

QTH JO54cc (or Fo72h), D 2355 Ruhwinkel, Bornhoveder Landstrasse , Germany
Pwr 30 watt, Ant. Delta Loop, 6 meter up.
QRG 10.144 (This is not new, hi)

I have a QSL manager address for more info:

DK4VW, Ulrich Mueller
Kreutzacker 13,
D-3550 Marburg, Germany

It provides some info about R factor, solar flux, AK index of Boulder CO.,
solar activity, magnetic field , and shortwave fading probability
(Mogel-Dellinger index)

This information is three year old, I donīt know if now is correct. Here in
the Balearic Islands is very easy to hear it, so if someone had information
about a station we could use as a beacon for Europe to North America path,
it will be very useful for the boys of this side of Atlantic.

I am the proud owner of a 15 year old Argonaut 509. It was my only rig for
ten years. After, I made the biggest mistake of my life buying a Japanese
100 watt rig. Now, I use this as a QRP tx in 30, and I work again in 20 CW
with the 509.

73 Juan , EA6NP
Mallorca Island, Spain

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