QRP Packing Guide for Dayton


From: Robert J. Gobrick (rgobrick@nfld.com)
Date: Sat May 11 1996 - 20:09:36 EDT


Following up on Chuck's posting a few months ago on preparing for Dayton (I
re-read last night to see if MY program was on schedule) I'd like to share
with you all MY list of things that I pack for Dayton (I keep on the
computer and pull up each year).

- Two large hard frame suitcases so you can put those "fragile" Dayton
goodies in for the trip home.

- Two soft foldable duffle bags that you store in the hard suitcases when
you arrive but use to haul back all the sales literature, catalog, folded up
Kenwood maps etc for the trip home.

- A good daypack (with grab handles as well as shoulder straps) for the flea
market. I have the following in my day pack with me all the time:

        - baseball hat (Icoms are nice) for anti-sunburned noggin
        - Suntan lotion (see above)
        - Call nametag
        - Notepad (old daytimer) to take copious notes, prices (by the way
          if the pricing looks good to you then it IS good - if you hesitate it
          will be gone - hi)
        - pens, etc
        - pocket knife
        - portable umbrella if you are really a "bargain hunter"
        - Sweatshirt if it get's cold (never) or you get a fever from the sun.

- In your pockets (or belt money pouch) - CASH (all size bills - no use
bargaining for $29 dollars and then hand the guy/gal a $50 bill (seen it
done on a claimed poverty case..)
- Glasses and sunglasses
- QSL cards to exchange greetings etc.
- Business cards (if you're so inclined)
- Shopping List of all the goodies you need (parts, FAR boards, trinkets)

- Clothes:

- good walking shoes or boots (waterproof would be nice),
- Parka with BIG pockets (to haul that small 10 amp gell cell battery that
you couldn't pass up)
- All other clothes are optional

QRP Hospitality Suite:

And finally for the QRP hospitality room bring ONE of your favorite rigs for
show-and-tell, preferably a rig with lots of mods so others can see your
handicraft. Also seeing some of Gary N2JGU's work bring some interesting
cabinets etc.

Just what you guys and gals were waiting for a real "Geek QRPer's" List of
what to bring to Dayton. Anyone have other suggestions - ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT.

Caio Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB (almost packed...)
| Bob Gobrick - VO1DRB/WA6ERB/VE2DRB - Newfoundland, Canada |
| Internet: rgobrick@nfld.com |
| bgobrick@nlnet.nf.ca |
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