From: Lau, Zack, KH6CP (
Date: Sun May 12 1996 - 09:49:00 EDT

WA8MCQ claims:

> Who will the new folks be? Just about the only way you can find out in
> advance who they are will be to get me drunk at the FDIM symposium.

I met one of the new inductees at Deerchester--who said he
wasn't going to make it to Dayton for the first time in 10 years.
As a hint, this was the first time I actually met him in person.

The New England QRP group had a pretty good turnout despite
the wet weather--about 20 people took an hour break from the flea
market. NX1K is coordinating the Field day effort--if you are
interested contact him for directions to the Princeton NJ windfarm.
Dennis showed off the latest club project--a 20 ft PVC mast, even
though the room wasn't big enough to set it up. K1LGQ is still
looking for original material for 72, the club newsletter. He wants
it to be interesting even if you never miss a net posting.

There were lots of great deals to be had--sellers were interested in
quickly closing the sale with any interested buyer...I don't think you buy
get dozens of shiny new new connectors in the original packaging for
less than 50 cents each in Dayton.

Not only was there a rare IC202 2M SSB rig(sold for $275 with an amp),
but I think there was even a deal closed on a PM3A.

Zack KH6CP/1

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