House building and coax


Date: Tue May 07 1996 - 10:49:12 EDT

Hi Folks -

For the fellow who is currently building a house and wants ideas of what
wires to run before the walls close up:

I found myself in this situation, too. So many choices to make that I could
not make them all! What I finally did was to drill 1" holes in strategic
headers in the attic and run heavy nylon cord through these holes and through
the walls to plastic outlet boxes in likely radio areas. These extra boxes
were blanked off till needed. This has turned out to be one of the few
smart things that I did when I built my house. I can now pull any kind of
wire to and from the attic from my shack area.

Good luck!


P.S. Don' t forget to run a line to your bedroom! Nothing better than
flipping on the OHR at night and copying code when you cannot sleep.


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