QRP te de fleas preposterous fm WB8IJN &c


From: NYOUNG@nova.wright.edu
Date: Sun Apr 28 1996 - 21:29:02 EDT

Are you kidding me? Radio? On a weekend? On the last weekend
in April? Get real! I almost got cold enough to snow Friday
night. Saturday morning I woke up with the usual migraine and
knew for sure that the right arm was shot for at least an hour
while the 800 mg of ibuprophen kicked in under the quadruple
espresso which precedes all quadruple bypasses. Then I went out
into the radio shack and looked at the dommage.

THe Argosy was belly up on the bench with wires hanging out
of it. I'd been trying to figure out why I kept getting weird
stuff on 30m. Like I was listening to broadcasters or something.
That involved figuring how to tune up the heterodyne osculator
mixer hoozits. Once that was done, I couldn't get enough mix
signal to run the RAC Digital Dial (which previously had worked
fine). Once I fixed that, it was time for me to think of something
else to do. I went inside and took a nap. When I woke up, the
day had gone from moderately cloudy to cloudy and my right arm
hurt again. Medication time... All patients line up at the nurse's

Then Cindy and I watched some tv, I played with the cat, which
had finally finished off his whizzing fit. He gets that way
some times. Whizzes on stuff. Thursday it was Andy's school
bag. Then his jacket. I washed him in the washer with the jacket
and the bag. He got over it.

Sunday dawned. It was cold. It was perfect hamvention weather.
I went downstairs, fixed a quad espresso, ate some toast and
read the news. The local paper has turned into USATODAYCLONE.
Probably gonna win a Pulitzer for the best investigative paragraph.
I went out to the shack and gave the Argosy a complete tune up.
Changed the oil. Broke a core in a coil. Found a replacement.
Remembered that the night before I had tried and tried to get
a QSO out of a coupld PY and PS stations and a couple LUs what
I heard on 40. Today likewise. Only better. No QSOs. Went inside.
Cindy had resurrected the same stew-beef recipe with which she
snagged me 22 years ago. This time she topped the bubbling
stew with dumplings. We ate. I watched a dumb sci-fi show with
an actress named Tracy Davis. No, not Tracy Lord. Good grief!
What do you think I am? A prevert? Then we went shopping.

I got home, went out to the shack, tuned around on 30m and
heard a CO2 calling chirp-chirp-DX. Immediate pile up. Tuned
around on 40. Went inside and watched 60 Minutes. Molly Ivins
was on. Yeehah! The rain, which had started just after the
last prize drawing number would have been drawn, had this been
the "real" hamvention weekend, continued unabated. Timing is

I folded laundry and then went upstairs to write a letter of
thanks to the local congressman's staff for their help with a
little INS/Organs of State Security matter that had pretty much
wiped me out last week. Realized that I had missed the entire
QRP-te-de-fleas event. Became depressed. Wanted my teddy bear.
Thought about Tracy Davis and wondered why she wasn't in other,
more cultured films. Realized that it was just a movie. Turned
on the mail program and typed this message.

Total count: 0.0 QSOs, 00.000 Points, All bands, single opr,
usual antoonas. Great fun. I should relax like this more often.
Now, where did the nurse put those damn hamvention tickets?

"What time is it!?"

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