Digest 341 & NC40A 10K Pot


From: art.searle@asb.com
Date: Sun Apr 28 1996 - 13:47:26 EDT

Subject: QRP Digest 341 & NC40A pot


Being a former (or should I say 'reformed')
QRO Honor Roll DXer, I am now finding myself
revitalized by QRP. It goes great with my
love for THEE digital mode; CW! I discovered
QRP-L a couple of months ago but only
recently subscribed to the Digest. This
leads to my first question.

1) Due to an error at my e-mail sight, I
     didn't get Digest 341. When mail is
     over a certain size it is converted to a
     downloadable file. This file got mixed
     up in the system and instead I got
     "Baboons by Moonlight, The Twisted
     Evolution of Our Tax System" by David
     Brinkley. While this may be of
     importance to us all, it has nothing to
     do with QRP fun stuff.

2) I just received my NorCal 40A kit.
     Where can I get a 10-to-1 10K VFO pot
     and does anyone have the Mouser part
     number? Mouser has a $100 minimum.

Incidentally, the Index Labs QRP++ is really
neat after a couple of mods to fix bugs (i.e.
updating EPROM chip, changing a resister to
fix high ambient background noise on SSB and
changing an X-tal to eliminate an exclusively
east-coast W1AW interference problem on 80
meters). My very first QSO with this radio
was The Gambia, J56CW, on 17 meter cw, split,
in a small pile-up. It's hard to break that
DX habit, even QRP. I shall repent!

72, (formerly 74), de Art WU2K


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