QTTF '96 soap box comments from N6KR


From: Wayne Burdick (burdick@interval.com)
Date: Sun Apr 28 1996 - 00:07:41 EDT

Bob Dyer, KD6VIO (Mr. Wilderness Radio) and I went up to Palo Alto's
"residents only" park in the foothills for Qrp To The Field. We got a
really late start, and weren't set up until nearly 1:30PM PST. But what
the heck--we were there to have fun and catch some rays (from all portions
of the spectrum). And the weather was excellent, by the way.

Bob's full-wave loop performed well, as did my vertical. We actually ran
two stations most of the time, with the antennas only 20' apart, and the
rigs were both Sierras. Another rig that saw some air time was my
Safari-4, the 4-bander that appeared in QEX. Nice to dust off the old gear
once in a while!

Comparing the two antennas on 40m we found that the vertical was much
quieter (less noise), and performed as well as the loop on all signals
except those in the preferred directions of the loop. The loop was only 5'
off the ground, however.

Best DX: HP1AC/QRP on 20 meters. We should send this guy a complimentary
subscription to QRPp--a great operator, and it's nice to hear some QRP DX
stations for a change. Also notable was local Wes, WA2CRQ, who was racking
up the points several miles away using only a '40A and a Ham Stick.

Conditions were fair, not great, but I was happy with my 25 Qs in four
hours of operating. :) I'd like to say thanks to NorCal and QTTF
organizers for another successful and enjoyable outing--


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