WB3GCK Springs to the Field


From: Craig LaBarge (74740.3166@compuserve.com)
Date: Sat Apr 27 1996 - 20:37:18 EDT

I worked the contest from one of my usual field locations - French Creek State
Park in Elverson, PA. I arrived about 1330Z and was on the air by 1355Z. I was
set up in an area that is used for group camping, so I had to pause every now
and then and try to explain to kids and other curious passers-by exactly what
the heck I was doing there.

The setup this time consisted of my trusty SW-40 (set at 950mW) and an
inverted-vee fed with RG-174. I figured that since I came in first place last
year with this set up, I had no choice but to use it again. Well, I wound up
making about half as many QSOs as last year. Still, it was a lot of fun.
Worked a few stations which I recognized from the QRP-L list (WA4OFT, AE4IC, and
WA8LCZ come to mind off the top of my head.) I didn't seem to be working too
many stations to the north and south of me and that makes it tough here on the
east coast. The pipeline to Ohio and Michigan seemed to be wide open, though.
There was a lot of activity on 40 early on, but by 1600Z, the QSOs were starting
to thin out for me.

The results are: 25 QSOs x 10 (power mulitplier) x 4 (field locations) x 3
(homebrew) = 3,000

All-in-all, it was a nice day for operating in the field here in southeastern
PA. I hope everyone else had a good day. I can't wait unitl QAF '96!

73, Craig WB3GCK

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