HW-8 Transmit Offset


From: John Shuster (jshuster@olympic.net)
Date: Sat Apr 27 1996 - 14:13:54 EDT

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To All:
When I'm tuning in on another station to respond to a CQ, I have to tune the
signal's tone very high on the upper side band for him to hear me and return
my call. Here's what happens with a simple test. I transmit with my TS-
850s and tune its signal to about 700hz on the HW-8. When I transmit with
the HW-8, the received tone in the 850 is too low to hear. My HW-8 is
transmitting much lower than it is hearing.

I have all the documenation and the schematic for my HW-8. What coil or cap
should I tune to bring the receive and transmit frequencies closer together?
 There's no transmit offset adjustment mentioned in the alignment section.


John Shuster

John Shuster       QRP at the foot of the Olympics
KC7CKP                in little Port Orchard, WA

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