Re: My First DX!


From: Paul Erickson (
Date: Tue Apr 02 1996 - 11:13:29 EST

Hi Tim,

Congratulations, well done. Took me a while to get my first "G", and
a great thrill when I finally did.
> I worked my first DX during the contest this weekend. Wow! Too much
> excitement for my delicate system...It was GI0KOW (Northern Ireland). This
> was my second-ever SSB contact, the first being to Newfoundland (I'm in
> Boston). I really couldn't believe it when he came right back to me.
> Didn't have to repeat myself or anything. I was so excited afterwards I
> had to go work out to calm down. My wife has been most wonderfully
> appreciative, and has begun calling me "international radio operator"
> around the house.

Boy, I wish I had Newfoundland... (east/west paths can be tough).
> A few questions. Is it bad to "dip" into a contest and try for contacts
> without seriously competing and sending in my results, as I did? (i.e.
> does the other guy only get credit for working me if I also send something
> in?).

They will get credit, but sending in a "check log" is not a bad idea. For
several of the contests, including the last wpx, you can send in your
log via email. If you need the address, let me know. Also, contesters will
take any q's they can get. All contacts are appreciated.

> If I write this GI station and send IRCs can I expect to get a QSL,
> even though it was just a contest contact?

Your chances of getting a card are as good as any other contact. Let
him know that he was your first dx/g contact. I always get a thrill
being a first for someone, so share the significance of the event.
> Also, I noticed that Newfoundland and Ireland are roughly the same
> bearing (50-60 degrees). My antenna is a North-to-South dipole. Do
> dipoles sometimes have "sweet angles" where they have a little more
> gain due to local conditions? Or is this something to do with
> propagation, or, just a coincidence?

Depending on the length and height of the antenna, it will display
"lobes" favoring certain directions. Check out one of the antenna
books for more information.
> Finally, I'm going to be on Martha's Vineyard island (NA 046) off and on
> this Spring. Someone once mentioned that, while hardly exotic, for IOTA
> types this could be useful. Could anyone tell me if this is so, and if
> there are any nets, etc. I should check out while there?

You will have to check with the IOTA types on this one.
> Thanks for the chance to ramble. I'm just so excited because...I'm
> finally an "international radio operator"...

Congratulations again. It is great fun, but I warn you.....
It can be addictive ;-).

cheers, Paul
> -- Tim
> Tim Huntington

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