From: David Kreinberg (kreinbd@ccgate.dl.nec.com)
Date: Fri Mar 22 1996 - 07:31:30 EST

     As mentioned earlier, I am going to get a
     Cushcraft R5 vertical soon.
     I've never installed a "real" vertical before
     (made some homebrews out of wood, tubing, etc.),
     so I'm not sure how to install the critter.
     I'll assume that the antenna will come with a manual
     which may suggest ways to mount it, however, I know
     some of you folks could give me some real world
     installation do's and don'ts.
     I will be ground mounting the antenna in my back yard.
     My plan is to dig a hole and cement a 5' pipe so that
     3' are in the ground/cement and 2' are on top of the
     soil. I'll mount the antenna to the exposed pipe with
     U-bolts. I'm not sure if the thing comes with a few
     radials, but adding more is no problem and I can bury
     as many needed to make it more effective. Also, is guying
     necessary for the R5? I think the height is about 25'. We
     can get very high winds here in Texas, so this is probably
     a good idea, yes?
     If this plan doesn't sound good, please let me know. All
     ideas are welcome.
     Thanks and 72 de Dave KK5HA

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