Re: Surplus Crystal Exchange


Date: Fri Mar 22 1996 - 02:37:59 EST


I've just collected several thousand crystals from the estate of a local ham
who did design work (commercially) for over fifty years. They cover military
and commercial frequencies as well as some ham. They are mounted in FT243,
CR1A/AR and older holders, but may be usable for fundamental frequency
operation, mixers or possibley for crystal filters.

I also have three large boxes of air variable caps as well as miscellaneous
mica and transmitting caps.

I'll have all this and more at the Valley of the Moon ARC hamfest and
swapmeet in Sonoma, CA on Sunday April 21.

It may well take me until then to sort things out but let me know if you have
any special frequency needs.

Darrel, WD6BOR

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