DDS Proto Board, Rcvr Chip & CP Contrlr 4Sale


Date: Wed Mar 20 1996 - 12:01:12 EST

Gang -
    Well, I have been working for about 6 months on a Blue Earth
Computer contoller connected to an AD7008 DDS as a vfo for a QRP
transmitter/recvr. I have had some success as the transmitter works.
 I have NO MORE time for designing the receiver or creating an
integrated unit. ;'( :'( . I am going to try and sell the items to
someone who would continue to make a workable system or would
like to experiment with DDS vfo's. So here is my list:

***AD7008 Prototyping Board*** from Analog Devices. Single +5
supply,32 bit phase accumulator, on chip 10 bit DAC, sine - cosine
look up tables, 50 mhz speed. Board originally was $295 when I
bought it.

***AD607 Single chip receivers - 3 ea.*** These items are VERY
RARE!!! Used with the AD7008 for full AM,FM,CW, BPFSK,FSK

*** Blue Earth 80C51 Prototype Board controller*** Comes with
display, 16 & 4 keypad, 12 I/O lines for controlling devices, Tiny basic
built in interpretter, Com port cable. Cost over $250 new.

All of this can be used for making your own DDS vfo, tranceiver,
frequency synthesizer, etc. I am looking for a Sierra Kit with modules
in trade, OHR 4 Bander +, money, other kits, offers (virgins, trips to
Mars, Cryo storage facility for internment) :') .

I am going away for two weeks, so please E-MAIL to: and not the server listed here.

John N3REY
Always QRP!

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