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From: Tony Drumm (
Date: Wed Mar 13 1996 - 23:43:58 EST

>I haven't built much stuff but found on my first project (the Cascade) that
I didn't have a good method of hanging on to the myriad parts after I sorted
them. I have now arrived at an effective and asthetically pleasing solution
for project number two: floral foam.

The method I've been using I *think* I learned from Heathkit. I can't
remember for sure but I think they include some kit-building hints in the
package that was separate from the manual. Maybe someone here also
remembers it.

Basically, you take a cardboard box (they recommended the one that the kit
came in), cut off the flaps, and place one lead of the various components
into the channels of the corrugated cardboard. It works very well for caps
and resistors and even transistors. I don't put the ICs in it. I go ahead
and sort the parts by value and jot that down on the side to help me find
the part I want quickly. I can read resistors by their color but I do have
to think about it except for the very common values.

I used this for both the Explorers I built and it worked great. (Well,
there was that one incident in which my daughter was vacuuming the kitchen
and sent the cord over the table, caught the box, and sent it flying - but
let's not dwell on that!) After the second one, I decided to keep the box I
used for the next project rather than scrapping it.

Tony Drumm
Rochester, MN

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