Micro 20 & swap meet


From: Vernon Hatley (vhatley@usa.pipeline.com)
Date: Sat Mar 09 1996 - 21:14:01 EST

Great news folks, the Micro 20 lives at last. One of the members here had
the same problem AB5UA and WJ5F were having. Come to find out there is a
mistake in the magazine article; resistors R4 and R5 are in the wrong
places. They switched these two and it worked just fine.
A big thanks to all who responded to their plea for help. It sure saved a
lot of hair being pulled out.
On another note, I had the very pleasant opportunity to meet a few of you
this weekend at a HAM swap meet in OKC. It is nice to be about to put a
face on the call signs. Hope to see you all again in Tulsa and maybe meet
a few more from this group also.

KK5RO                            OHR Explorer II  
Vernon A. Hatley              Ten Tec Century 21 
QRP-L #325                     Butternut Vertical

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