From: Bob Hirsch (bobh@p3.net)
Date: Sat Mar 09 1996 - 20:19:24 EST

>Dick at OHR, has been trying to educate me on headphones, and I want
>to ask you if your experience has matched mine. I used to operate my
>OHR Explorer II with a set of Sony MDR-V6 headphones. I believe they
>are similar to your MDR-V200s. I found that with the V6s, I had to
>crank up the audio gain to about 3/4ths of full travel to have a
>reasonable level, and I also had lots of noise. Dick recommended that
>I try some true 8 ohm communication headphones. I bought a pair of
>Yaesu YH-55s, and found quite a difference. First, I only needed the
>audio gain control at about 1/4 turn for the same volume as the V6s
>with 3/4 turn. Second, I had much less noise. Dick says that this is
>because the V6s were designed for approx. 20-20,000 Hz, where all I
>really want to copy is a 700 Hz tone. By running the audio gain up
>that high, I am feeding the V6s with lots of higher frequency noise
>that I am not amplifying when I use the YH-55s, and the receiver
>therefore sounds quieter.
>Have you (or anyone else on the list) had anything close to a similar
Yes, I've often advocated using headphones and/or speakers with a tight
frequency response. For CW the advantages are more obvious, but even in
SSB, more bandwidth than the human voice or the filters in your rig can
allow will only cause more noise. I like the Azden headphones, with or
without the boom mic, for this reason. The frequency response on them is
300 Hz - 5000 Hz. They are also a very nice cross between "over the ear and
block everything out" type and "on the ear and allow everything in" type.
About $50. No, I have no connection to the company. After using my Sony
MDRv6's, the Azden's are a much easier to less to with less fatigue.
73 es CUL de KE3OB

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