New e-mail address


From: Brian Carling (
Date: Sat Mar 09 1996 - 10:33:00 EST

Hi - Just to let you know that I have switched to a new, much more
reliable e-mail address, so I apologize for lost mail that you may have
sent to me in the past and that I never got due to occasional problems
at Acenet, BUT, you can now reach me reliably at:

or if you are outside the USA, use:

I would really appreciate hearing from you as often as you care to write
back. It's been a crazy winter here. We got a lot of SNOW again
yesterday and bitterly cold temperatures with driving wind that puts the
snow back onto the roads in piles! Some of you know I underwent a
kidney stone surgery last week, and had several trips to the hospital,
numerous expenses that we can't possibly meet. So please pray for us.
God has sustained us safe this far, and I am sure that He will not let
us down.

Best regards - Bry

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