I'm Back


From: Jim.Nestor@EY.COM
Date: Sat Mar 09 1996 - 11:58:00 EST

Unsubscribed last Winter, but getting back into the swing of QRP in
anticipation of the Spring and Summer contests and some camping trips.
The remembrance of working Scotland from a campsite on Cape Breton Island
with 700mw from my NN1G rig on 30 meters kept me warm through the winter.
Worst wx in NJ ever. Snow and ice pretty well trashed most of my wire
antennas... guess they were high enough.

Just ordered a NorCal 40A and specing out some new antennas while there
are no leaves on the trees. Thinking about a Sierra after that.

Thinking about building a tiny antenna tuner like I saw in 73 magazine a
couple months back. All I gotta do now if find some parts. Does anybody
have a source for toroids like the T-68-6? I don't see RadioKit's ads
anymore and wonder if their still in business. I sent a request to
Amidon. Any other sources for QRP parts.

Ordered a subscription to HamBrew. Anybody here read it?

Found a couple of nice new batteries at Radio Shack. They have a 12V 4AH
gell cell for $25. I have a Power Station for the long hauls, so what
appealed more to me (I bought 1) was the Camcorder battery for $29.99. It
is 12V at 2AH, lead acid and pretty small. Should run my 40A and SWL-30
for days. Hafta solder on a couple of leads and a connector and build up
a little LM-317T regulated charger for it. Will let you know how it works


Jim, WK8G

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