Re: QRP/DX (!!??)


Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 22:06:39 EST


  Just saw your note. I am an apprentice DX'er, member of the RDXA (and board
member), and new at QRP. Have had a Heath HW9 for about a year now and mostly
used it for casual contacts camping. Have a sesional campsite at a nearby
campground and manage to get there most every weekend. This past Thursday
(2/29) I dusted off my HW9 and made an opperational part of my station.
  Here are some of the calls I worked with 5 watts and a ground mounted trap

  2/29 S51WO 20M 1819UTC
           EA9KB 20M 1851UTC
           DK4PL 20M 1907UTC

  3/1 LZ1LZ 30M 1923UTC
           EI9HC 20M 1930UTC
           S52NY 20M 1944UTC

  3/2 HK6KKK 40M 0505UTC
           V31PL 40M 0510UTC
  3/3 DL3AMB 80M 0504UTC (ANSWERED MY CQ !)

Although these may seem comonplace countries, for just starting in QRP I was
pleased. Along with these calls I probable have three times as many state
side QSO's which I havent done in about 3 years. Many were good QSO's and I
find it realy helps build my code speed QSO'ing instead of the 599 tu es
73's. Give it another try, you may be supprised.

73's es gud dx
Scott, KF2ZW

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