QRP/DX (!!??)


From: William C. Robbins (billrobb@serv01.net-link.net)
Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 20:53:00 EST

Well, I've been watching this group for several weeks and, I must confess,
QRP looks like it could be fun. For background, I am a die-hard DXer with
310 countries worked. That probably doesn't mean much to most of you. Its
kinda like Worked All Sates, only more expensive.

Anyway, so far, I don't have a QRP rig. I've talked with Rob Capon, WA3ULH,
a couple of times and he convinced not to built a Heath HW-9 or HW-8 (he
wouldn't sell me his). He did convince me to buy the March issue of 73
Magazine. I just finished reading it and was really hyped up to work some QRP.

I fired up the Omni VI and, low and behold, it operates at low
power....clear down to nil. I could measure down to 1 watt on the wattmeter
so I thought I would give 40 CW a try.

Well, being a DXer I just new I could work some garden-variety DX on 5 watts.

The first station I heard was 3DA0MA on 7007.4 working up 2. I called from
0010 to 0020 with 5 watts and no success. So, up to 100 watts for a couple
of calls...no answer. Soooo, at 0024, I turned on ole Burtha to about 1KW
and got him on the first call. NO PROBLEM. Whats so tough.

Maybe a little more patience is needed. Lets look for another. On 7013.3
calling CQ was UA0AZ. Zone 18. At 0031 no answers. Checked to make sure
the antenna switch was not on Dummy-Load. OK. Lets find another.

Ah. IK3ZBR, Italy, real garden variety DX. On 7015.2 at 0037-0039 I
responded to his CQ with no response. This was 5 watts.

The story goes on and on....R1FJZ for 5 minutes, SP9DTH, EI6IF...nothing.

Finally, at 0117 on 7021.7 I bagged Robert, GI0KOW, on 10 Watts for a new
band/country. Yup, 10 watts. Had to go that high.

The long and the short of it is that life may well be too short for me to
mix DX and QRP. I was going try to hunt the FOX but my ego needed the rest.
Enough fun for now. Maybe some other night when the DX/QRP gods were
getting along a little better.


William C. Robbins, WA8CDU ***Heathkit Collector***

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