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From: Mel Evans (101366.3072@compuserve.com)
Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 15:14:30 EST

OK Guys,

Thought I'd better put the final tally on line for interest.

The final figures in favour of better manuals with to-day's kits came in at 107
to 3, a somewhat daunting and dismaying figure if you're a kit
supplier, since it seems to mean a lot of your potential market wants/needs
things to be made a bit clearer by the buyer and builder.

Again, this is a straw poll of people who might be expected to be just
that bit better at construction than the average ham, simply by the very nature
of qrp, in that qrp'ers tend to be builders anyway.

The correspondence is now closed....... unless you tell me different!
I won't be keeping score any longer.

72 and 73 de Mel

G-QRP Club 1283 EA-QRP Club 88 ARRL etc.

I don't know anything about US politics, but I thought I might stir it up by
telling y'all that unemployment benefit here in the UK is called the
DOLE! ---so being " on the dole "---- is not good for your wealth.

It's not really political, is it? If you think it is, I apologise.

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