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Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 13:02:03 EST

Merci, Bernard, pour les infos...

I was briefly F/VE7LDH a while back, and while it took an eternity to
link up with the right people at the CGR (the ARRL wouldn't talk to
me, and RAC were useless; the RSGB and REF were far more helpful),
actually issuing the license was fast - only about a week. The fee for
a 1 month license was FF100, payable to "Tresor Public". That was in

Band differences to note include 40 metres being 7.0 to 7.1 MHz, with
(naturally) a radically different bandplan. Two metres was the usual
(for region 1) 144-146 MHz.

The comment about legal rights to put up antennas is interesting, and
explains all the antennas I saw on top of apartment buildings. Please
also note that transmitters need to be registered - the reciprocal
application form will ask for details.

I have some copies of Megahertz and Radio-REF, as well as electronic
hobbyist magazines like Electronique Pratique. Rumour has it some of
these magazines no longer exist ("ils viennent de deposer le bilan",
according to a French correspondent)...

You will find electronic magazines at all the usual magazine places.
Check the ads for local content - from an ad in Megahertz I had a
fascinating chat with folks at a ham store in Paris.

Laura Halliday VE7LDH "C'est une femme mutine, assez elegante, grave et legere, ayant le sens du confort et du plaisir
Locator: CN89mg en tout." - C. Deneuve

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