April 27/NorCal "QRP To The Field"/Riley, NM


From: Jay Miller (wa5whn@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 12:03:27 EST

Dear Fellow QRP Enthusists,

  It looks like we may have a large turn out, for the NorCal "QRP To
The Field" event, scheduled for April 27 , 1996 (0700 Mountain Time to
1900 Mountain Time). Since NA5N had suggested operating from Ghost Town
or Historical Site (We had heard a rumor that the Colorado Crowd was
going to operate from DIA, since that Airport might as well be a Ghost
Town ;-) ). Seriously, there seems to be quite a bit of interest.
So, to give You an idea as to where we will be headed, try the
following URL;


  Hmmm, I was wondering if the European Crowd might want to operate
from Stonehenge ? :-)

  Also, if You can are interested in reading material about the various
Ghost Towns out west, try this URL;


I do not have any finanicial interests, in either of these 2
organizations. Just thought it might be of interest. Oh, I will post
the URL for the Riley, NM site, here. These were photos taken in Jan.
'96 of the Ghost Town of Riley, NM.

Looks like I will get to try out my Wire Beam with a Sierra. I am
really looking forward to this event. Listen for us. More about this
particular operation later.

                            72...Jay, WA5WHN, Albuquerque, NM

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