Re: A public apology


From: chuck adams (
Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 10:31:04 EST


No problem. 7.040 is just the general area and is NOT
a required freq. I moved around due to pretty good band
conditions and a lot of people on.

There seems to be a general feeling that QRP operations
must be on 7.040MHz. That is just not true. That is
why the rigs other than the 49er (and it has a VXO) have
a real neat feature on the front panel - called TUNING.
It allows us to move to another frequency. So I was moving
around when necessary to avoid QRM.

So, the calling frequency is just a general area. I had
moved up to around 7.047, called QRL? Started a CQ and then
had to stop when W1AW came on with a QST (0300Z). QSK is the
neatest thing to have at any speed. I know that it is new to
a lot of people but I have insisted on QSK on any rig since 1960
when I first implemented it on a Heath Apache with a National
NC-300 receiver (both together weighed more than ALL the rigs
that I own at the present time).

I'll post in the summary sheet for my work last night some
comments related to the above topics.

Sorry if there was some confusion about last night, but the
function of electronic communication that has spoiled us is
that things can change fairly rapidly. Try to update something
like this in a Quarterly Publication. Just can't be done.
We are spoiled now big-time.

dit dit

Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60)
Box 181150, Dallas, TX  75218-8150

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