Norcal fun last night


From: Peter Simpson (
Date: Wed Mar 06 1996 - 08:15:15 EST

It was a dark and stormy I decided to go down to the basement
and fool around with the Norcal 40 I bought from AC4HF a few months back.
(It's an unfinished basement.) Open the window and retrieve the coax in
its plastic bag. (one of these days...) Close the window, hook up the
coax and turn on the rig. Wow! 40's alive. With all the soaking rain I
wasn't sure if the inverted vee in the tree out back would be working,
since it touches the brances in a few places.

Hmm...someone calling CQ on 7.040...he sends like I do...and I can copy him!
Well, thinks I, might as well try. I struggle with the Vibroplex
bug (still get extra dots) and send my call. He comes back to me!
AA1LJ, Keith, in Millis (less than 10 miles away). He's using 50 watts
into an indoor dipole, and boy, is he loud! He backs it down to 10 and
he's still very copyable. He says he lives in an apartment and his neighbors
appreciate the lower power. I apologize for the sloppy sending (first
time on in maybe 6 months) and explain about the bug, which is a gift
from my late father-in-law. He says he used to use one, but prefers paddles.
I can't argue with that, and, since I'm getting tired, switch to the
Heathkit keyer.

I mention that I'm running a kitbuilding class at our club next week. He
tells me that he has the club newsletter in front of him and he can't
believe a $15 rig! Yup. I'm going to have them build the PIXIE 2. I'll
take orders Thursday night and call HSC Friday. Should be building by the
next weekend. I'm going to order 3 crystals per rig (3.579, 3.686 and
7.040) and let the builders take their choice. The rest go into my
crystal drawer.

So Keith tells me he's interested and when do I want the money for the
rig? I tell him I'll put him on the list and he says he'll call me to
check next week. It's been about an hour and a half now, so we say
73 and sign.

Maybe some of you will think that this posting is silly, but it does tie
the PIXIE, QRP, Heathkit and Vibroplex treadds together. It's also
about the fun of just flipping on the radio and meeting new people.
In this case, someone in my neck of the woods who can probably use
a Vibroplex bug better than I can, and who enjoys building new
stuff. I'm still "up"! What a great hobby!

 Peter Simpson, KA1AXY       Linux!
 3Com Corporation         The free Unix   (508) 264-1719 voice
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