RE: Modifying the Sony SW1 for CW reception


From: Ahlgren Jukka (
Date: Wed Feb 21 1996 - 04:03:00 EST

 Robert S. Williams -KD4ZPH writes:

>I have recently bought a used SW1 receiver and would like to add a
>fine-tuning control (it tunes in 5 KHZ steps) and a BFO circuit so I can
>use it for reception of SSB/CW. It runs off of 3 Volts and is pretty darn
>sensitive. I would also like to narrow up the IF a little. I have secured
>the Service manuals for the SW1 and the ICF-7600 and have compared the
>schematics. The two radios are almost identical except that the 7600 has
>the BFO and fine-tuning built-in.

Dear Robert,

I'm sorry I can't help you in your problem, but if you have a service manual
of ICF-SW7600, maybe you can help me. I have been seeking one almost
desperately. Is it possible to arrange a copy for me? I can handle
the mailing costs. Please e-mail me directly to:

73 de Jukka OH6SC

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