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From: Aa4xx (
Date: Tue Feb 20 1996 - 23:51:43 EST

                       KnightLites Net Report
                             Feb 18,1996

      Last Sunday's net had good response, with check-ins from
all up and down the East Coast. We had two folks checking in with
flea power...Gary, N3GO, checked in with 1 milliwatt from Raleigh,
NC, and Bob, WO3B, from Pasadena, MD checked in with a scorching
800 microwatts. Good going guys!
      Mention was made on the net concerning the new addition at the QTH
of Sam, KD4BTH. Congratulations, Sam, on the birth of your little boy.
      The KnightLites meet each Sunday night at 10 PM EST (0300 Z) on
3710 KHz. Newcomers are welcome. We keep the code speed slow in
order to encourage participation from novices and others who have been
away from the code for a while. While most folks check in with QRP power
levels, some check in with 100 watts or more. Use whatever power you feel
comfortable with! We hope you'll consider dropping by some night.

      Thanks to the stations listed below, who checked in last Sunday night.
The ongoing health and success of the net is due to your continued support.
Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Here's the QNS report:

K3TKS Danny Silver Spring, MD 449 QRP Plus

KC4URI Steve Ashland, VA 599

VE3VAW Brian Toronto, ON 449 5 Watts

KC4EWT Dan Herndon, VA 449 4 W QRP+

N1QQV Ken Madison, CT 449

N3GO Gary Raleigh, NC 229 @1 mW/ 339 @10 mW

KF4AR Rick Charlotte, NC 459 500 mW

AC4QX Lauren Cary, NC 459

AE4IC Bob Greensboro, NC 349

KC1FB Jim Norwalk, CT 349 1 Watt

WB0CLD Bill St. Charles, MO 349

WA4NID Dave Durham, NC 589 1 Watt

KD4BTH Sam Candler, NC 599 4 Watts

WO3B Bob Pasadena, MD 229 @800 uW/ 339 @20 mW

KB4MNG Brian Williamston, NC 559

KB8AZS Mike Cincinnati, OH 599+ 200 Watts

AA4XX Paul Raleigh, NC (NCS)

72 es CU soon on the net,

Paul, AA4XX

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