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From: David Feldman (
Date: Tue Feb 20 1996 - 10:32:25 EST writes

>Once upon a time, they would actually import the -V models (ala, TS-130V)
>into the US. I have one of the above referenced radios. It's the 10 watt
>model. In Japan, they have (or at least, used to have) an HF license,
>beginners type, with a limit of 10 watts. Guess they felt that at 10 watts,
>the newbies couldn't get out very far to cause international grief :-)

Last summer I began corresponding on the internet with a JA ham (about
something else, but the conversation eventually turned to QRP). He indicated
that QRP is not a very significant activity in JA. I asked him about the
10W class HF rigs that seem so common (if you "read" (= look at the pictures)
a recent copy of CQ HAM RADIO then you see lots of ads for HF rigs that
offer a 10W model). He said that they aren't actually all that popular. I had
remembered working an ARRL DX contest back in 1972 and being amazed at the
number of JAs reporting 10W power levels (I believe the contest exchange
included the transmit power level for DX stations) and assumed that lots of
JAs had these radios. Anyway, it seems not to be the case according to my
JA friend now. I asked him whether there were very many special-purpose QRP-only
rigs available there (such as like the Argonaut or QRP PLUS) and he replied
not. Those little handheld MIZUHO radios (single band VXO controlled) seem to
be the only QRP-specific radio commonly being offered nowadays, and even they
aren't all that common (I've collected a nearly complete set of these beasties
and have decided that they are every bit as impractical as you might expect!)

Eventually, he referred me to another JA ham who is on a teaching program in
Ann Arbor, MI, and the second JA and I e-mailed more about QRP and he confirmed
the same thing. He decided to go shopping for a QRP rig while he is here in the
US and ended up ordering a QRP PLUS. I don't know what happened after that -
he said he was very busy and didn't have time to play with it.

73 Dave WB0GAZ

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