Re: 49er Info


From: Paul Harden (
Date: Fri Feb 16 1996 - 17:26:43 EST

Roger and others,
I got a flyer the otherday from Buckeye Electronics. Never done
business with them before, but plan an order shortly. Anyway, he
seems to have some neat stuff, like a kit of 22 popular toroids for
$4.75, vernier drives, and other kinda hard to find stuff. I did
notice he has NE602's for $2 each and 10 for $15. You might try him
for your NE602's.

I left the flyer at home and can only find his address here at work.
It is: Buckeye Electronics
        10213 Columbus Grove Rd.
        Bluffton, OH 45817

Standard disclaimer applies: Even if he paid me to say nice things,
I'd still deny it and plead innocence.

If you do order from him, please let me know how his service and
parts availability is.

Paul NA5N

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