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Date: Fri Feb 16 1996 - 11:11:05 EST

Hello everyone,

I was able to pass the Extra CW element by working other hams. I learned 5
wpm with the Gordon West tapes from RS. Looking back it may have been better
to get tapes from ARRL since the exam I took was at 18 wpm Farnsworth not the
slightly slower Farnsworth tapes from RS. That was in Nov 94. Passed
General CW element in May 95 and Extra CW element last month. Worked many DX
stations during summer months on 20 meters. Over 75% of all contacts in log
book are CW. A couple of guys in my local club told me that the best way to
get the speed and operating skills up was to work CW - with QSB, QRN, QRM,
etc. They were right. For me, having to copy a live conversation is no
comparison to tapes or a PC program.

73 de Kevin KB2TEO

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