G-QRP CLUB Subscriptions 1996


From: Peter Linsley (101356.3146@compuserve.com)
Date: Wed Feb 14 1996 - 18:42:05 EST

Hi Folks,

Sorry to do this but treasurers just have to live with being unpopular !!!

Just a reminder that the subs for 1996 are due - most members have paid but
there are a few outstanding yet.

You can send dollar cheques to either Mike Kilgore KG5F ($12.00) or John Leak
G0BXO ($14.00), or using MasterCard / VISA to John Leak G0BXO ($12.00).

If you are not uneasy about sending your card number by e-mail then I can
process it for you but please include the following:

Membership number (callsign if you can't remember!)
Name and address of cardholder
Card number
Expiry date

I may be able to tell you what your subscription status is but can't guarantee
accuracy as there are always some renewals in the pipeline from Mike. I have
data which was updated on 8th February 1996.

I'm also pleased to pass on to John (our membership secretary) any inquiries or
membership applications if anybody else is tempted . . . . . . . .

I'll pass on any other problems you may want sorting (such as SPRAT mailing
problems) if I can (look out George!!).

Thanks for all your support ladies and gentlemen,

72 / 73 / 88,

Peter, G3PDL
Hon. Treasurer, G-QRP Club.

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