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From: chuck adams (
Date: Sun Feb 11 1996 - 17:23:56 EST

When you grind crystals you will raise the frequency.

It is recommended that if you grind crystals do this
mostly for the FT-243 mounting format. The microprocessor
crystals and the newer sealed crystals have gold plating
and you will destroy them trying to get them out, etc.

I worked my way through an undergraduate degree in Physics
working for HP, James Knight, and Collins Radio doing this.
I did this with Dr Virgil Bottom, author of one of the
classic books on Quartz Crystals. Book is now outta print.

Grinding is not recommended for people trying to save a buck.
I can tell you war stories 'til the cows come home......

Some of the problems by doing it wrong:
  o Chirp
  o XTAL stops all activity (i.e. you killed it)
  o Drift introduced
  o Spurs

I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it. Just be careful.
A long thread was written up on this a few years ago on
the boatanchors reflector. Check it out.

FYI dit dit

Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60)
Box 181150, Dallas, TX  75218-8150

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