Date: Sun Feb 11 1996 - 12:23:24 EST

Hello Gang,

Many thanks to Pete Rossi,WA3NNA, for the beacon this week end.

It's a great oppertunity to test rigs side by side. I did this with
the Argo 556,(TenTec),and the Index Labs's QRP+,orriginal but modified

The beacon was copied at 2 watts, 200 mw, and 20 mw, on the QRP.
I could hear it at the 200 Umw but could not copy the code word.

The Argo did poorly. It could not seperate the QRM-QRN,from the lower
powered signals. The 2 watt one was copied on both rigs.
If the Argo had a SCAF it might have had a chance, so I cant condem the
Argo completely here for sensitvity, whereas my ears were the measuring

I did use the Argo and the QRP+ in the N.E. QSO party last weekend and got
critcal reports from various parts of the U.S. They all agreed that the
quality of the SSB signal was superior on the ARGO. I found that true on the
receiving end here too.

So the search goes on, for a right that has the best of both radios.
If it is found it is sure to be a gazillion seller.

de AA1IK N.E.-QRP-C. # 202 ( Lead by example, It is better to )
                  QRP-L member #95. ( pull a string than it is to push it.)
Ernie Gregoire
RR 1 Box 221
Canaan, NH. 03741

New England QRP Club, information
available on request by sending me a
 S.A.S.E. or via E-mail.



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