Street Light QRM?


From: G. Hanson (
Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 13:07:04 EST

Hi Gang,

Just moved to Iowa for the semester and reside in a 3rd story apartment.
I brought my QRP rig with me and put up some wire (I hesitate to call it
an antenna). It stands in the living room (I'm living alone this
semester) and is a helical wound vertical with four helical wound 1/4
wave radials. During the daylight hours I can hear lots of signals, but
when the mercury vapor street lights (about 75 feet from my window) come
on I get this incredible buzz saw interference...even the European BC
stations are hard to hear. So here's my question. I have tried using a
home-brew active filter (ala Doug DeMaw and QRP Classics) as well as a
commercial dsp unit. NOTHING seems to cut out the noise. I know the
vertical antenna is a noiser antenna and this weekend I plan to cut a
TDCL antenna (a twisted loop) that might help a little bit, but is there
any kind of filtering scheme I can use on my rig to help. I really miss
 checking out those crafty foxes!!! You can't work em if you can't hear em.

Incidentally, the home-brew tuner seems to load the helical vertical just
fine and I think I'm getting out, but darned if I can hear anything at night.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Gary, KJ5VW

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