Re: Help with Audio Amp


Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 11:17:36 EST

Smitty, you wrote:

>I need to hang a little amplifier on the sidetone output of my keyer.
>I need it to be fairly loud since I will be using it with a speaker in
>the car.
>Which would be better, the LM380 or the LM386? Any other suggestions
>before I go to the parts place?

For my money, the LM380 is a better choice. You won't get enough power out of
the 386. Of course depending on how noisy your car is, the 380 might not put
out enough "soup."

The 380 was used in several mobile rigs that I remember, befor e the days of
the fancy rice boxes. You'll note that the 386 is used in may HT's and QRP
rigs. The latter has enough steam for headphones or speakers in a quiet
shack, but not enough for a car.

Good luck and let us know hwo you make out!


Joe E., N2CX

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