For Sale: Heath HW-8, $125


Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 08:57:25 EST

For Sale: Heathkit HW-8 along with documentation and a power cable. Price is
$125 which includes UPS ground shipping within Continental U.S.


The radio was received recently by me in trade, and I have decided not to
keep it because I have gotten my HW-9 fully operational. I have fired up the
HW-8, and the receiver works fine, and the transmitter has normal power
output, about 3 watts on 80, 40 & 20, and about 2 watts on 15.

The case shows a little wear in the dark green around the AF/RF gain control,
and some scratches on the top rear of the case.

The rig has some very nice modifications. The rear panel has an SO239
antenna jack instead of the original RCA phono jack. Other mods include a
lighted dial, a 5 watt transistor for the final, extra coil turns for 15
meters (to give added sensitivity to 15 meters), and a mod to make the RF
meter also perform work as an S meter.

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