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From: L. B. Cebik (
Date: Sat Feb 03 1996 - 08:38:40 EST

I have just posted to the archives of QRP-L a revised list of periodicals
of interest to QRPers and to other builders. The directory is

Every officer and editor or a QRP group with a publication is encourage
to retrieve the file and check the appropriate listing for accuracy of
current information. The preceding edition goes back to September, and
some addresses and names for renewals, editorial roles, etc. may have
changed. Please advise me of any and all changes to be made to ensure
that prospective subscribers and renewers have the correct information.

If your group has a publication (devoted in the main to some or all of
the interests of QRP enthusiasts) and it is not currently listed, please
provide me with information, using the other entries as a guide and
including any special notes you wish me to add at the end of the listing.

I plan a further update before the end of February, so please look at the
listing and tell me how to update your listing. (Do not wait for some
"other" official to do it; I would rather receive multiple copies of
information than to get none while folks do an Alphonse & Gaston

It also pays to keep a copy of the list near your checkbook, with the
expiration dates of your subscriptions posted in the margins. Then you
will never let your subscriptions run out.

I look forward to receiving updated information.


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