RE: Foxes on 2 bands


Date: Sat Feb 03 1996 - 08:21:22 EST

I think having the Foxes on two bands last night was an excellent idea.
Most of the Foxes have seemed to be in my 40 Meter skip zone on the East
coast. It often seems to extend to 1000 miles. On 40 Meters, many times not
only do I not hear the Fox, but I also never hear any of the hunters.
Having the Fox also on 80 Meters makes the hunting much less frustrating.
Plus last night I also heard many of the hunters. It makes you feel like
you are not the only one on the band.

I noticed the same thing with special event stations. Most of them don't go
down to 80 Meters. I therefore usually can't work the NJ, NY, and PA ones
even with QRO.

Chuck, go with more multi band Fox Hunts. You'll get more participation
even if the OM/YLs have to dust off their commercial rigs to get on 80


Steve, N2MNN

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