Re: Schurr Paddle


Date: Sat Feb 03 1996 - 00:12:56 EST

I use the Schurr Profi and think it is absolutely top notch. It has a very
solid feel--much more so than anything I have tried previously. The Schurr
paddles are available through several sources here in the U.S. Electronic
Switch Co. apparently has the primary importation rights. I got my Profi
through HRO in Atlanta in the last month. Radio City up in Minnesota also
carries them I believe.

I might add that I have also heard good things about the G4ZPY paddles,
including favorable comments from a couple of Schurr owners. I wish I could
compare it first hand. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has
tried both.

73/72 de David W5RMZ

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