From: chuck adams (
Date: Sun Jan 21 1996 - 19:31:17 EST


I forgot in previous listing. Last night in tuning across
40M I came across W1AW starting up and giving out messages.
One that I copied a part of was on the current sunspot info.

Six of the days from Jan 11 to Jan 17th yielded a sunspot
count of zero and only 11 on the 17th. Mean of less than
2. 10.7cm flux was around the high 60's to low 70's with
mean of 70.

"Solar activity extrememly low. On six of the past seven
days there were no visible sunspots, and every day the solar
flux was below the average flux number for the previous
90 days. As we are near the bottom of the solar cycle, don't
expect much change. For the next year we should see many more
periods with no sunspots. For the next few weeks there should
be little activity, except for a possible coronal hole causing
a geomagnetic disturbance a few days from now."

I'm with everyone else. The low bands 30M, 40M, 80M, and 160M
should be usuable and we just have to get on listen. I even
call CQ once in a while just to see if there is anyone out
there tuning across the band and can hear me. Heck, with the
keyer on automatic all I have to do is listen while I work on
something else. Kills two birds with one stone - so to speak.
If eveyone listens the band will seem to be dead.

Right now it's funny. I'm listening on 10.120MHz. No one
on for a while and then I hear "QRL?". A wait and then the
guy starts a CQ. It's not 5 seconds later and two, count 'em
two guys are calling CQ. Go figure. About 0023Z (well exactly
if you wanna know). :-)

FYI - dit dit

Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60)
Box 181150, Dallas, TX  75218-8150

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