Do it yourself test for plastic materials


From: rohre (
Date: Fri Jan 05 1996 - 17:32:03 EST

If you are concerned with what a certain plastic material will do under RF
influence, there is a very QRO test most of us can do at home.

Take a glass cup of water and place it in your microwave; (the most popular
sizes of kitchen microwaves today are 750 watt units, thus this is a QRO

Ob QRP: those who just can't EVER use QRO, may do this test with the smaller
"apartment" microwaves.

Take a paper towel or paper plate and place your piece of test plastic upon
it and inside the microwave next to the cup of water, in the center, or
wherever in the box you notice food gets hottest. (SWR at work for good

Set the timer for about 4 or 5 minutes on high; the time it takes your machine
to boil a cup of water is what we are after. Set it to high, and stand
back.....(This is SOP to avoid steam burns from the water:-) Safety first.

When the water boils for a few seconds with a nice rolling boil, turn
microwave off, and with a wetted end of a finger, touch the plastic under test
  (Watch out for the cup of now boiling water). If it is NOT hot, you have a
suitable RF plastic. Remove test subject and cup of hot water and prepare
your favorite hot beverage with the boiling water, and sit down and
contemplate what a nice RF form the plastic will make---if it did not heat
up.---- If it got hot, clean up FAST before your chief of kitchen finds out
what is smelling up the microwave.

72, Stuart K5KVH

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