Re: QRPing an HR2510


From: Dave Donaldson (
Date: Fri Jan 05 1996 - 15:25:31 EST

> From: Jacqueline Herman <>
 from the list).
> Included in the manual were instructions for modifying the rig for
> 26-28 MHz. I find this quite nauseating and am wondering if Uniden
> or the dealer included this page. Shame on one of them. (I bought
> the rig second hand from an OT ham so I know he didn't insert these
> mod instruction.)

Just for information, a company called I believe Chip set or something like that sells a new processor which allows in to go to the 12 meter band. Of course they won't tell you how to modify the synthsizer to increase the bandwidth. The plus to the processor is the memory, scan, pl and other big rig bells and whisles.
For low power there was a mod in qst with in the last 2 years to reduce power below a watt to drive transverters. I dont know the date but if you want, let me know and I will send you the date tommorrow.


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