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From: George Gingell (
Date: Fri Jan 05 1996 - 11:58:22 EST

Chuck K5FO, Gave us some good scoop on the KMW Awards and the interesting
facts on Range of Errors in our Power calculations. However, some of the A.R.
types mentioned, have the answer to the Error in Distance Calculations.
It is called GPS. Now all we need is $$$ to buy a case of them. 1 per Local
QRP Club would probably take care of it. Maybe we can get a group buy on
I see the Magellan 2000 is down to $200 now.
In the interm, maybe we can get someone to keep track of the 6 digit Grid
Squares for everyone who applies for KMW Awards. Chuck ?
I would like to have input from all of you who are interested in
If you send me your Name, Callsign, QTH, Latitude/Longitude or 6 digit Grid
Square, e-mail address,snail mail address, and telephone number (optional),
I will include your information in the Maryland Milliwatt Club Database of
QRPp Stations. We can use this to help make the awards more meaningful.
We probably should include some notes in the database (Card file?) with what
Equipment and Antenna(i) that you are using.
I really like the idea of Chuck trying to match up the Historical Propogation
data with the KMW Awards. We don't always realize that we are doing
to meaningful propogation research every time we make a low power
Don't forget to keep WO3B, "Milliwatt BoB" advised of your QRPp
activities. He needs your input for the column in The QRP Quarterly Journal.
QRP DX TU (C)1986, G. Danny Gingell,

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