Re: QRP & Tuners


From: chuck adams (
Date: Mon Jan 01 1996 - 23:33:30 EST

Well Don and the gang,

I'll take the losses of the tuner over the ultimately more
severe losses that I'd have by not having a matching system.

I have used wire antennas and tuners all my life. I have never
had up a beam or yagi. I own a two element HyGain that I bought
from AA5DX a couple of years ago but haven't had a tower to put
it up on yet.

I have had great success with tuners. My favorite is the MFJ-941C.
Kurt N. Sterba of World Radio fame loves his too. :-) No, I'm
not Kurt.

With 50ohm matching my transmitter is happy and efficient. Even
though the antenna may not be resonant at least by being driven by
a voltage at freq f(0), it is radiating energy at f(0) according to the
modulation that I put on it. My favorite digital mode is on/off
in intervals of 1:3. :-) As you've seen here on the list time
and time again, the most important factor given real estate limitations
is to get some antenna to radiate and with a tuner you can get all
kinds of things to radiate. Don't listen to the nah-sayers. Like
Nike says - Just Do It (tm).

My old favorites were the Johnson Matchboxes, both large and
small, but with QRP radios slightly larger than a handfull
why do I want a boat anchor on the desk too? :-) Not that
I wouldn't take one, it's just that I'm into smaller equipment

I'm excited about the St Louis Tuner deal because of the size.
And it is a cheap way to experiment for the newbies. I am not
getting anything for saying this, just expressing my opinion.

My $0.02 worth at no charge as usual.

dit dit to all

Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60)
Box 181150, Dallas, TX  75218-8150

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