CodeBoy Review


Date: Mon Jan 01 1996 - 23:00:15 EST

Hey Guys,

A report on a Christmas Gift...

I built a Radio Adventures Corp Model A1 (CodeBoy)
today and I am impressed. The thing runs off its own
self-contained 3V watch battery and the spec sheet
says it is supposed to run 200 hours key down and
if it is turned off it will do the shelf life of the battery.
The directions don't say if it automatically powers itself
down during inactivity but 200 hours of continuous dits
and dahs is a looooooonnnnnng time!

It has Iambic A and B, dot and dash memory, space and
weight compensation, paddle and straight key or bug
inputs and a mosfet keying transistor. And it is itty-bitty.
The board would make a great build-in in an HB project.
It powers itself so no worries about battery drain for that
part when backpaking.

The kit went together in about an hour of poking parts in
while trying to find the beacon, tuning and poking, tuning and
poking and soldering... Physically it is a very tight fit -
follow the assembly directions!!! I didnt at first and I had
to backtrack some. My one black mark had to do with the
two screws that hold the case together. They supply
standard machine screws and it would have been easier
to assemble with self-tapping screws.

Pre-power checks OK, plug in the IC and pop in the battery...
more works!! first time...yes! The speed control
is silky smooth and the speed adjustment seems very linear
and accurately marked on the front panel. I found it very
easy to adjust the speed to match the other stations I worked.

OK... its small, I don't have to remember to turn it off, and
it works well. I'd give it a good review guys. A self-contained
keyer for about 40 bucks delivered. I'm a believer. BTW,
RAC has email at

73, Randy WJ4P

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